About ChrisiL

ChrisiL was established by Chris & Nasil Fevens, who live in Victoria, Canada. Nasil designed the travel wallet by herself. She is a traveler who loves jewelry and brings it everywhere she goes.  A tangled necklace motivated her to create the Jewelry Travel Wallet. The art for this special line of wallets was designed by her sister Monica living in Australia, whose work has been inspired by the concepts of freedom, travel and love. ChrisiL is not only selling the Jewelry Travel Wallet, but wants to connect with people who travel around the world with our wallet and to share their stories as well. 

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email: infochrisil@gmail.com

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email: nasilfchrisil@gmail.com

Brand Story

It was coming back from Argentina and finding another tangled necklaces that finally made me decide it was time to do something about this epic problem, which has plagued women, as long as traveling and jewelry have walked hand in hand. ChrisiL celebrates travel and jewelry, while understanding that when traveling you want your journey to be as convenient and hassle free as possible. Our aim with ChrisiL is and always will be to allow people to continue to ‘travel in style.’

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